CSpot Software


CSpot is a computer program for simulation, indexing and analysis of three types of electron diffraction patters: spot, Kikuchi and ring (polycrystalline).

Figure 1. CSpot user interface


The program allows for manipulation of simulated diffraction patterns in real-time and in an interactive manner by changing and visualizing crystal orientation and adjusting simulation parameters (e.g., microscope operating conditions). It’s main feature is the ability to perform automatic indexing and determination of crystal lattice orientation. The program contains build-in crystallographic calculators providing additional abilities in the analysis of diffraction patterns. The data produced by CSpot can be saved in a form of bitmaps or reports (Word files). CSpot is mainly dedicated to be a laboratory tool helping in the analysis and interpretation of data. It can be also used as a teaching aid.


The demo version of the software can be downloaded here


Figure 2. Example of spot (a), Kikuchi (b) and ring (polycrystalline) (c) electron diffraction pattern



Indexing TEM spot diffraction patterns using CSpot (template matching)



Indexing TEM spot diffraction patterns using CSpot (followed by manual detection of diffraction reflection positions)



Indexing TEM Kikuchi diffraction patterns using CSpot



CSpot has the ability to work with the Crystallography Open Database. In order to take full advantage of this possibility, the COD has to be downloaded from the http://www.crystallography.net website and installed using CSpot build-in installation tools.


Indexing integrated (XRD-like) TEM ring (polycrystalline) diffraction patterns using CSpot with the aid of Crystallography Open Database (http://www.crystallography.net)



Searching and loading structures from Crystallography Open Database (http://www.crystallography.net), and simulation of electron diffraction patters using CSpot